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Board of Directors

Casandra Fletcher
Casandra Fletcher

Casandra has worked in leadership, governance and as a director in Non-Profit Organizations for over twenty years. Her passion is in the development of healthy, productive policy governance boards, and building organizations with strong ethics and a supportive and empowered culture.

Casandra also co owns Jusa Farm, a small organic farming operation on the Sunshine Coast. She has supported One Straw through its redevelopment in 2017 and is now continuing on as a the Chair of the Board of Directors with the organization.

Mary Degan
Mary Degan

Mary Degan was grown half-city and half-country, on a small self-sustaining organic family hobby farm. Her family produced the majority of their food, as well as hunted and fished.

Mary has resided on magical Mount Elphinstone for over 20 years and is developing a permaculture microfarm fondly known as “The Wellstead.” She is a dedicated volunteer, choreographing community-based solutions to food security issues. Her 25+ years experience in media and publishing foster clear open communication.

She has been a director of the One Straw Society for many years, overseeing the stewardship of programs focused on reskilling and building community capacity for resiliency. Mary is passionate about increasing the Coast’s ability to nurture a healthy, beautiful, bountiful bioregion.

Paul Myers
Paul Myers

Paul co stewards BrookBank Farm with his wife Dawn Myers on the Sunshine Coast which also supports the Gibsons Farm Collective offering a next generation CSA. He works as the Director of development Saint James Music Academy, a non-profit organization serving at-risk. children and youth in the Downtown Eastside Community of Vancouver. He is family man with a daughter and a son and also takes care of 2 beautiful dogs who share the farm with him and Dawn.

Paul joined the One Straw Board of Directors in 2018 and brings a fresh and energetic perspective to the organization.

Lorenzo Cryer
Lorenzo Cryer

After many decades living abroad, Lorenzo has returned to Canada and now calls the Sunshine Coast of BC home. Lorenzo’s career includes training as a chef, running his own restaurant and being CEO of his Sydney Australia based Graphic Design Studio cryercom.

After obtaining a degree in Horticulture, he now owns a Landscape Design business called Dig Dug Done, a small business specializing in large properties. Lorenzo manages a small farm here on the Sunshine Coast, growing food organically and sustainably. Growing and having access to locally grown, organic food is very important to Lorenzo and he is here to lend his talents and experience to the One Straw Society.

David Steele
David Steele

David Steele joins us with experience as a farmer, homesteader, artist, business owner and has also served as a board of directors with other like minded non profit organizations.

You may also recognize him as he previously spent many years on the One Straw Societies Board of Directors and also has acted as the Food Systems Network Coordinator for the organization.

David took over a year off from the board and is now reinvigorated to join us again.

Tim Bedford
Tim Bedford

Tim Bedford has been on the Sunshine Coast for 2 years but has been coming to the Coast since he was four years old to their family cabin. He’s deeply connected to the
reality vs the romance of food security and less food waste. He spends his time
doing this on a very practical level.

He founded Ginger Jars, a company that takes 70% of the culled produce from the local IGAs and turns it into edible product for resale; co-owner of Drift, a restaurant in Gibsons with a zero food waste policy. He has extensive business management experience, has been productive & creative with limited funds, and has a good administrative background.

Tina Scarlett - Smith
Tina Scarlett - Smith

Tina raised her children on the Coast 30 years ago, and has been founder and
CEO of North Shore Accounting and Absolute Accounting in North Van since then.

She is a certified accountant, was an auditor for Revenue Canada, and now owns a little farm in Roberts Creek. She is happy to be back “home” in her semiretirement, and nurturing her little farm and garden for her family and to sell food in our community.

She would like to support the board with her extensive finance and legal background.

Gregory Gebka
Gregory Gebka

Gregory has been a community planner for nearly 25 years, focusing creatively on development, design and community resiliency – including development of the Coast’s agricultural plan and various emerging food security initiatives.

He actively researches and advocates social, economic, political and legal resources for engaging and empowering people, communities and nature.

Passionate about growing and preparing food, Greg has also designed and built his own unique home, where he focuses on being creative, innovative and naturally resourceful.

The One Straw Team

Kym Chi

Kym Chi

Executive Director

Kym Chi teaches and mentors in Permaculture, runs a holistic healing practice and acts as the Executive Director of One Straw Society.  To date; Kym has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, completed multiple teacher trainings, taken a variety of advanced trainings and completed a Diploma in Permaculture Education.  With a love of learning, she continues to take courses that grow her understanding of the natural world.

Kym wishes to inspire creative self expression and value centered living to enrich and create healthy and abundant habitats and communities. With a focus on Social Permaculture,  she strives to mentor others on their life path and focusses on ways to support organizations and communities to become more resilient. She is excited to bring her passions to her work with One Straw Society.


Ian Hunt (Geek in the Creek)

Technology Advisor

As a 20-year resident of the Sunshine Coast, Ian has witnessed many changes to the culture, economy, and foodscape of the area. Having owned the health food store in Roberts Creek since 2011, he understands the need for distribution of local food products, and the desire to deepen the connection between local food producers and consumers.

“A vibrant local food movement is vital to the long-term economic and social well-being of Sunshine Coast residents. The One Straw Society has been a key component of that process for over twenty years. I’m proud to be serving my community.”


Dana Wilson


Dana has worked internationally for nearly a decade as a photojournalist and media producer and has had several films on the international festival circuit. Her passion centres around co-creating socially relevant works focusing on themes of social justice, Indigenous and intercultural issues, women, youth and the environment

She is poised to complete a diploma from the Permaculture Institute (USA) with specialisms in Media and Site Development and collaborates with Laura Walker to offer ecological design and consulting as Gaia’s Guild.

Dana is also co-steward of Gaiacraft–a planetary collective of permaculture teachers and plant people.

“I believe that a revolution can begin from this one strand of straw.

Seen at a glance, this rice straw may appear light and insignificant…

Hardly anyone would believe that it could start a revolution.

But I have come to realize the weight and power of this straw.”

– Masanobu Fukuoka, The One Straw Revolution

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