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Seedy Saturday

Seedy Saturday is the Sunshine Coast’s annual community planting season kickoff event and One Straw fundraiser. Held at Roberts Creek Hall, Seedy Saturday is always loaded with opportunities to connect with other garden enthusiasts and food producers on the Coast.

Saving seeds and growing food are among the most radical things you can do! At Seedy Saturday, you can access some of the best quality, non GMO, chemical free seeds, many that have been harvested by local growers and community members on the Sunshine Coast.

Seeds also help you save money and cut out the middleman for buying food–—as long as we have seeds, we hold the key to providing food, medicine and tools for the community.

Exchanging seeds keeps our community rich!

Buy your food, herb, or flower seeds for the year, or seedlings you can transplant directly.

Take advantage of knowledgeable food producers to get the best harvest with your inside scoop!

All funds raised go to support future One Straw events, workshops and programming.

Next event: March 4, 2017

What you can expect:

  • Seed exchange
  • Seeds & seedling sales
  • Live plant sale (including trees and shrubs)
  • Farmers market
  • Interactive activities for adults and kids
  • Workshops
  • Locally-prepared delicious food for sale at the One Straw Cafe
  • Raffle Door Prizes

We bring you this annual event in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Seed Collective and Sunshine Coast in Transition.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Seeds for the seed exchange
  • Live plant donations

Contact for any questions, or to participate as a vendor!

Seedy Saturday

How does the Seed Exchange work?

Bring pre-packaged seeds and receive an equivalent amount of seed packets for free from the seed exchange table.

Seed must be labelled with:

  • Year of preservation
  • Type of crop (peas, carrots, etc)
  • Name of variety (“Black Prince Roma,” for example… if you know it!)

Little envelopes from the dollar store work really well, but ziplocks will do in a pinch.

This is one of the biggest gardening events on the Coast, so don’t miss it!

Parking is usually limited at the hall, so what better opportunity to try a rideshare?

Edible Garden Tour

The Edible Garden Tour and Field to Feast Dinner

The Edible Garden Tour is the best way to meet farmers and gardeners on their home turf. Every year, farmers, home owners and community garden coordinators take you on a guided tour of their growing spaces.

Farms rotate from year to year to keep things fresh. Enjoy workshops, see unique and effective growing techniques Learn things, visit a variety of farmstands, eat tasty fresh food and preserves and gather with your fellow gardeners.

The Field to Feast dinner takes place after the tour at a special location. The event showcases a gourmet menu created with all local, farm fresh and wildcrafted ingredients.  

There is live entertainment, education and tons of time to network and connect with friends. In conjunction with the Edible Garden Tour it is meant to celebrate our local food system and see creative ways to cook with local produce.

It’s an excellent chance to learn, feast, connect, and chat and support the local food system, so join us!

The Edible Garden Tour is always looking for fresh locations. Please contact for any questions, or if you are interested in having us visit!

The Fall Faire

The season may be winding down, but an important task still remains: celebrating the bounty of the harvest!

The Fall Faire is where food lovers, gardeners, and farmers alike gather together to share the fruits of their labours–often literally!

Preserves, pies, and pumpkins and fresh apple cider abound at this decadent celebration of food and the hard work that goes into producing it.

Featuring prizes, games, and of course… lots of food!

We also feature an annual Squash exchange run by the Sunshine Coast Seed Collective.  Trade one variety of squash for another to create a bounty of multiple varieties to enjoy.  Seeds from each type of squash will be saved by the collective for distribution at the next Seedy Saturday.  We also feature seed saving demos and workshops to make sure you’re well-prepared for next year’s season.

One of the best and newly added parts of the Fall Faire is the Stone Soup Potluck!  Participants wishing to take part in the potluck drop off a food item during the Faire and with the ingredients, our hard working volunteers create a variety of soups to enjoy as a community after the market is over.  

Come and enjoy a warm home cooked meal, live music and guest speakers while celebrating what our community is all about… Growing, cooking and eating great food!

Please contact if you have any questions, or if you are interested in participating as a vendor.

Fall Faire
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