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Brookbank Farm Permaculture Design Volunteer Program

A unique opportunity awaits those who want to explore their life and landscape, to learn by doing, and to be a part of the change we all desire. Join us across the growing season for a hands-on, once-monthly volunteer work day at a fully operational permaculture commercial farm complete with food and fodder, plants, orchards and animals. See how Brookbank Farm’s new generation, on-demand CSA program works, proudly offering the Sunshine Coast community with a wide variety of fresh organic food. We’ll learn about the care and use of land, how to build a fence, provide for animals, and of course, growing our own food.

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https://www. volunteerprogram

Brookbank Farm is a heritage small farm paradise that has provided food for the community of Gibsons and environs for over a century. Eight acres of rich soil, with an abundance of water and sun, and only the gentlest slope make for almost ideal growing conditions. Paul and Dawn Myers purchased the site in 2014. As with almost every small farm in our country, Brookbank began to collapse under the weight of industrial agriculture in the 1980’s, until it fell into near disuse. The vision of Paul and Dawn is to both recover the wisdom of its past and to incorporate the best practices of today to restore and renew Brookbank and to make it a model of what is possible for generations to come. Those ‘best practices’ include applying regenerative and permaculture methods to the land. Some of the permaculture-inspired changes at Brookbank to date include the introduction of more perennial food crops over annuals, adding as much diversity as possible through polyculture gardens. Other practices include the reintroduction of livestock as integral to the ‘farm circle’, transitioning to no-till soil preparation, planting hundreds of new fruit, nut and native trees for reforestation, development of ponds and waterways, that in time will ensure the land remain a healthy and self-sustaining ecosystem. It is a slow process, a labour of love, but one that has already begun to show great promise. Today Brookbank produces over 75 varieties of fruits and vegetables, ethical meat, eggs and poultry, and value-added farm goods and preserved foods. Brookbank also operates the Gibsons Farm Collective, and its unique CSA on-demand enterprise.

Paul, Dawn, and Delvin offer to make Brookbank your ‘classroom’, an observable, tactile, permaculture work-in-progress.

But more than that, if you desire to sink your hands into soil and to see concepts turned into realities, if you want to give something back to the community, if you share a passion for the resurgence of small local farms everywhere, or if you simply love a day of fresh air and physical work, then register today.

Remaining Dates :
August 6
September 10
October 8 
November 12

Details :
11 am – 5:30 pm 
Drop in for a bit or stay for the day
Share a potluck lunch.

Participants must register by email with

Come to at least 7 full day sessions and write a 1 page learning report at the end of the program to receive a Certificate of Completion for a ‘permaculture farm program’ and a letter of reference for your resume.

Paul and Dawn, and mentor/teacher Delvin Solkinson offer a great opportunity: to make Brookbank your ‘classroom’, an observable, tactile, permaculture work-in-progress. But more than that, if you desire to sink hands into soil and to see concepts turned into realities, if you want to give something back to the community, if you share a passion for the resurgence of small local farms everywhere, or if you simply love a day of fresh air and physical work, then register today.

Dawn and Paul Myers are farmers with 10 years of experience including the redesign and regeneration of Brookbank farm, a beautiful heritage farm.

Delvin Solkinson is a community gardener and permaculture teacher with 15 years of graduate level permaculture design study around the world.

Learn more about Brookbank at

Permaculture Design Certification

The only limit to yield is the designers imagination

– Bill Mollison

One Straw Presents : Sunshine Coast Permaculture Design Certificate Program.

Gather together with like minded people to grow with plants and animals, gardens and farms to learn about how nature designs itself and how we can become sustainable designers ourselves. Together we will learn how to map and design our land and our lives, plan for emergency, grow organic food in all four seasons and work to build a more regenerative future.

The certification granted upon completion of the course will empower participants as permaculture designers, consultants and beginner teachers able to use the word permaculture legally in their practice, business or project. This sustainability education eco-training certificate is a practical path for greening your life, resume and portfolio. Working toward certification is not a requirement. Students may attend the course without completing the material required to attain the certificates, its a fun way to journey with like minded people in an experiential, outdoor adventure in education.

Our Permaculture Design Certification Program is co-taught by a dynamic male – female teaching team. These low cost, ultra flexible courses cater to the busyness of modern life. If you miss a class you can jump in on the the same module in a different class at no extra cost and there is no time limit to complete the certification.

The program has been developed over the course of two Diplomas and a Masters Degree in Permaculture Education and continually upgraded over the 15 years it has been offered. This 27th Permaculture Design Course is the culmination of studying with permaculture elders at key sites all over the planet. We have an exciting teaching tool kit that transforms lectures into games and together we travel to many different permaculture farms, gardens and forest locations while sharing in a uniquely creative learning journey. The year long focus project is a map and design for where you live or an area of your choice. Completion of this course offers graduates their choice of legitimate and formal certificates through Permaculture Institute, Permaculture Association and Permaculture Research Institute.


$777 early bird price for those completing payment by August 1, 2018

Payment plans are accepted.

Full refunds given for cancellations before August 1. After August 1, 2018 no refunds on course. There is no time limit to complete the program and participants are welcome to do missed classes on all future course offerings at no additional cost.

Delvin Solkinson is community gardener and plant poet dedicated to bringing creativity to the permaculture movement by creating free open source learning and teaching tools. He has completed a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree with Bill Mollison and done advanced teacher trainings with Rosemary Morrow, Toby Hemenway, Larry Santoyo, Looby Macnamara, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Patricia Michael, Robyn Francis, the Bullock Brothers, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, Scott Pittman, Michael Becker, Robin Wheeler, Starhawk, Robina McCurdy and Robin Clayfield. He is an accredited teacher through the Permaculture Research Institute (Australia), Permaculture Academy (UK) and a Field Mentor through the Permaculture Institute (USA). Recently he completed a PDC in Portland with Toby Hemenway, one in Greece with Rosemary Morrow and a second Diploma through the Permaculture Institute. Currently he is doing graduate work under the mentorship of Larry Santoyo and Looby Macnamara.

Kym Chi is a dedicated advocate of earth stewardship, people care and regenerative action for future resilience. Her main efforts are as a creative facilitator, artist, healer, medicine woman and community builder.  To date; Kym has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, completed multiple teacher trainings, taken a variety of advanced trainings and completed a Diploma in Permaculture Education.  With a love of learning, she continues to take courses that grow her understanding of the natural world. Through her stewardship of a deepened connection with the environment, Kym wishes to inspire creative self expression and value centred living to enrich and create healthy and abundant habitats and communities. With a focus on Social Permaculture,  Kym strives to mentor others on their life path and focusses on ways to support organizations and communities to become more resilient.  She lives on the Sunshine Coast where she teaches and mentors in Permaculture and runs a holistic healing practice and has previously acted as the Food Systems Network Coordinator for the Lower Sunshine Coast through One Straw Society.

Join this adventure in learning as it journeys to farms, forests, gardens and eco-locations.

Course Schedule:


October 7 – Introduction to Design

November 11 – Foundational Concepts

January 13 – Design methods


February 10 – Design for Soil

March 10 – Design for Trees

April 7 – Design for Animals

May 5 – Design for Water

June 9 – Design for Climate

July 7 – Cool Climate Design

August 4 – Tropical Design

September 29 – Dryland Design

October 27 – Social Permaculture

November 17 – OS Permaculture


January 26

Course Topics include:

design methods * patterns in nature * soils and composting * water * trees * animals * design for cool , tropical and arid climates * social permaculture * native food and medicine plants of the Coastal First Peoples and much much more.

We have worksheets, permaculture design gaming tools, an online social networking and educational support platform, as well as hundreds of gardens as our living classroom.

​The class caters anyone who wants to learn permaculture in a creative way but cannot afford the cost or intensive time commitment of other courses including lower-income families, students, youth and people for who are called permaculture but have been struggling to find a course that fits their life.

For more information including full class syllabus, please visit

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