Grow Your Own Dinner

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So you want to grow a garden, but don’t know where to start?

Imagine stepping out your door to munch on sweet, fat, fresh snap peas. Or enjoying homemade pasta sauce from plump red tomatoes, peppers, and herbs you harvested yourself.

But wait. A garden is hard work! Or maybe you haven’t quite gotten around to picking up a shovel yet–and that overgrown bed looks scary!

Heck, can you even grow anything with the size of your land?

This is where our mentors come in.

Whatever your space’s size, with the proper guidance you can achieve a bountiful harvest. One of our food garden mentors will help you understand how to beautify your space and reap the rewards of healthy, affordable food year round.

How Does it Work?

First, you apply by completing a short questionnaire, and we pair you with a mentor in your area. Then, you and your mentor arrange a time to meet up at your space.

Your mentor will guide you through some garden basics, such as:

  • choosing a garden site
  • making a garden plan
  • accessing resources and tools

Over the course of the season, you can expect a couple of home visits, ongoing phone or email support, suggestions for beginner gardening books and tools, and info around where to get them.

Grow Your Own Dinner
Grow Your Own Dinner

Mentors help you:

  • Save time and energy by avoiding trial and error
  • Take the guesswork out of harvesting, preparing, and preserving crops
  • Increase your production by refining your techniques
  • Save money by preserving your seeds for next year
  • Identify and solve problems before they become big issues

Our mentors have helped dozens of One Straw members create bountiful gardens that pop year-round.

What does it cost?

For all this support, the cost is only $50–our way of helping as many people get growing as possible.
Whatever your income, you can eat well, save money, and benefit from getting outside and active. Not to mention do your part for local food!

Sign up for mentorship today, and get ready to watch the bounty roll in.

We also have subsidies available, so let us know if price is a barrier for you.

If you’re interested in mentoring, please sign up on our mentor page.

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