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Regenerative Gardening Days

The only limit to yield is the designers imagination

– Bill Mollison

Tour gardens and natural spaces with like minded people while exploring permaculture design methods, strategies and techniques for regenerative gardening.

– explore permaculture principles, strategies and techniques
– experience dynamic education
– do designs and integrative activities
– feel empowered to apply permaculture to your own life and landscape
– share potluck meals
– learn and grow with the natural world.

$77 each or all 3 for $198 (Save $33)
all proceeds shared between One Straw Society and Permaculture Design to support future programming.

More information available by visiting

Looking for hands on learning experience?

We’ll help you dig right into new skills. Whether it’s growing, harvesting, or preserving food–or just learning more about food systems–we love helping the community learn about it.

Our workshops are an affordable and fun way to meet new (and old) friends while learning new stuff. We often do workshops, weather-permitting, outside at the Ocean Vegetables Garden.

We host workshops at many major events on the Coast, as well as throughout the year. Our Live and Learn program has also trained and empowered dozens of mentors to pass on their knowledge.

Do you have a skill you’d like to share or an idea for a workshop?

Let us know!

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