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Note: Live and Learn programing is being integrated into One Straws programming. Please keep in touch via our Growing Coastal newsletter for workshop opportunities and events.

Live and Learn cultivates community resilience and connectedness by creating regular teaching and learning opportunities on the lower Sunshine Coast.

Our program seeks out members of the community with amazing local sustainability skills, and offers training and support in becoming a Mentor so they can share their skills with others. Then, we help them host classes to put their new training to use.

The skills our Mentors share are usually, but not always, related to food.  They might include growing, raising, gathering, fishing for, canning, drying, preserving, cooking, and otherwise dealing with food, or other ways to create abundance.

The community gets the opportunity to connect, learn together, and participate in our unique Sunshine Coast food culture—while cultivating healthy habits and making sure that a wealth of knowledge on supporting ourselves and engaging with our food doesn’t exist only on the internet.

Take in the wisdom from your elders

Foraging up the mountain to learn about berries.
Wading in the ocean to meet the shellfish.
Wandering the forests to hunt for mushrooms…

Live & Learn participants can really get around!

Some of our mentor’s teachings are classroom-style, some are onsite, and some are one-on-one. Some skills are passed on in a single session, some take more time. Learners will usually go home with something delicious to eat and a new friend or three!

Live and Learn
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