BUY LOCAL mid-week, mid-coast!

Join us every Wednesday from 3 - 6 pm at the Roberts Creek Hall.



We strive to be a food only market that is:


Ethical, local, GMO free, pesticide/fungicide/insecticide free, synthetic fertilizer free, water wise & biodiverse!


The Farm Gate Market intention is to support, promote and increase community access to fresh, locally grown food using regenerative methods that go "beyond organic". Our aim is to co-create a vibrant and healthy food system, create a resilient local economy and a supportive community that shares their knowledge on growing, preparing and preserving nutrional food! With foods that are grown outside of our bioregion, we strive for 100% certified organic and fair trade products!

* Learn how your food is grown - Ask us about our products & methods! *



"The Farm Gate - it's not a market, it's a celebration!" ~ anonymous farm gate regular

See our One Straw Event page for special updates on what's new at the Farm Gate.

For more info contact:

Farm Gate Manager: Tawha Barbosa,