Sechelt Indian Band elder Barbara Higgins initiated and runs this project to offer ongoing workshops and activities in year-round food harvesting, preparing and processing, as well as teaching other traditional skills in the use of natural resources for sustainable living.

Participants gather together regularly throughout the year, building relationships both to each other, and to the environment learning the rhythm of natural abundance through the seasons. The project aims to include a diverse range of community members, thus promoting inter-generational and cross-cultural cooperation and sharing.

Examples of the great experiences project participants have enjoyed include:

  • Cedar bark harvesting and weaving
  • Wildcrafting alpine blueberries, huckleberries, bunchberries,
  • strawberries and gooseberries.
  • Wildcrafting herbs such as Devils Club, Labrador Tea and more
  • Smoking, brining, canning and freezing of Salmon and Cod fish
  • Making fruit leathers and other fruit preserves

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