About One Straw

Building community by nature, growing food for life.

The One Straw Society has empowered the Sunshine Coast community for over 26 years.

The goal? To create vibrant, sustainable, local food systems.

Through mentor training, workshops, programming, and events, we bring people together to pass on valuable skills, share knowledge & resources, and celebrate our human connections around food.

Programs range from community gardens, food waste reduction initiatives and education to seed exchanges and potlucks. We also support emergency preparedness and building local economy!

As a collective, we sow and grow the partnerships, projects, programs, and policies needed to further food security and community resiliency on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


One Straw Society’s mission is to provide education, advocacy and community connections, empowering people to access and engage in a local, resilient, and sustainable food system.

To us, this means:

  • People grow and produce food locally;
  • Food is accessible to consumers;
  • The food system is environmentally responsible; and
  • The Sunshine Coast has a robust food economy.


To see the Sunshine Coast participating in and becoming a role model for a diverse, connected, thriving and sovereign local food system.


As an organization we believe in :

  • Caring for the Earth – Encouraging the regeneration of the natural environment.
  • Caring for People – Supporting the needs and wellbeing of our stakeholders, volunteers and staff.
  • Caring for the Future – Supporting the wellbeing of the future generations through sustainable practices.
  • Transition – Creating a safe, welcoming platform for positive change.
  • Right to Livelihood – The right to support oneself, family and community through ethical work.

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