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On the Unceded Coast Salish Territories of the shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation, Ocean Vegetables Community Garden is located on Ocean Avenue.

These gardens are free for everyone to harvest from! All are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the design and care taking of this shared space.

The goals of the community garden are to connect in community and offer food security, education on ecological gardening and sustainable living on the Sunshine Coast.

This garden is cared for by volunteers and is funded by the community! This initiative would love your support and there are many ways to be involved with this grassroots project.

The Ocean Vegetable Community Gardens are currently undergoing a transition from annual food gardens to perennial food gardens.  We need support with watering and weeding and doing basic maintenance while we continue this process.  If you are in the area and want to help, please feel free to lend a hand! We also have regular group volunteer sessions you can join. Please contact for a schedule and details.

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Current Opportunities

Upcoming events:

Community Volunteer Sessions:

We regularly gather at the gardens to work on special projects and general garden upkeep. Please contact for a schedule and details.

The gardens are run on volunteer efforts,  we invite you to pop by anytime to weed, water and harvest.

Access to tools can be provided, please bring your own gloves.

Thank you from Ocean Vegetables Community Garden and One Straw Society.



History of Ocean Vegetables Garden

After creating a garden along the street outside of his house in Sechelt, Don saw people engaging with the garden and felt inspired to create a public food growing space.

He approached the district of Sechelt and they offered him land for a lease of $1/ year to create a community garden. With the support of many local organizations, Don led the construction.

Chris Hergesheimer coordinated the gardens for the first year while Esco Goodwin created the primary design and led the installation of the first 26 beds.

In 2014, Chris stepped down and Kym Chi stepped in. She led the second phase of design with 6 more garden beds and the creation of a community cob bench led by Amanda-Rae Hergesheimer and a team of amazing natural builders.

In 2015 the gardens continued with an additional 6 garden boxes donated by the Sechelt Rotary Club.  Laura Walker joined the coordinator team and the creation of a vision for the remaining uncultivated land as a community Food Forest was created. 

Over the last several years the implementation of the new garden plan began and continues today under the guidance of new and familiar faces.

Organizations that have supported the garden include:

The Ocean Vegetables Community Garden needs a strong leader to continue bringing our visions to life. Could you be that leader? Contact and find out!


The Meaning of the Logo

The Ocean Vegetables Community Garden is built on unceded Coast Salish Territory which is home to the Sechelt Nation. The logo was created as a way to honour the indigenous land that gardens are built upon and the people that have stewarded this land for many generations. We chose a Salmon as our main symbol as it is one of the staple food sources of the Sechelt First Nation and represents food security for the community.

The creation and stewardship of the Ocean Vegetables Community Garden is done with recognition of the traditional territory and we intend that our logo may also act to symbolize our dedication to building bridges and cross cultural relationships that heal the natural and social ecology where we live

Thank you endlessly to all of our sponsors!

This wouldn’t be possible without you!

The Sunshine Coast Credit Union, Gibson’s Building Supplies, Slo, Fresh, Benjamin Paint Shop, Jim Niesch, Swanson’s, The School Board, Talewind books, Kairos Botanicals, Denise Legasse, The Sunshine Coast Seed Collective, RR7 Farm, Sechelt Signs, The Heart Gardens, Maria Hunter, Pam, Gaia’s Guild, Linda, Michelle, Ruby’s Run, Elphinshrooms, Gaia’s Fair Trade, Salish Soil, Claytons, Kym Barnett’s Nursery, Fresh, The Re Store Habitat for Humanity, Rusty Hinge, 420 Hemp Store, Sun Stones, Ambrosia Health Food Store, Kindred Spirit Drums, Martin & Melodie, Coastal Animal Crafts, Halfmoon Herbals, Felt You Up, Atelier Veronique, The Blue Shoe Studio, Arriba Raw Chocolates, West Sechelt Farmer’s Produce, Laurie Bloom, Kenji, Ondine Naturals, WM Terracotta Pottery, Leather 2 You, Gladiator Wild Seafood, KM Jewelry, Homestead Sheepskin Products, Shadoblix Farm, Sew Easy, Rhonda’s, Sunshine Coast Salt Co., The Good Life Farm, West Coast Nuts, Christmas Tree Farm, Casa Di Maria & Jeremy, The District of Sechelt, The Rotary Club, Red Wagons Farms, Terra Tea, Wilson Creek Cedar Mill, Quality Garden, Home Hardware, B&K Landscaping, The Sunshine Coast Nursery, The Independent Grocery Store, Ann-Lynn Flowers & Gifts, The Rusty Hinge, Jean’s Organics, Straight Coffee


Our Partners:

The Sunshine Coast Seed Collective

The Sechelt Library

The Open Door Group

Sechelt Youth Centre

Grow Your Own Dinner Program

Sechelt Alternative School


Chatelech Secondary School

St. Hilda’s Church


Sechelt First Nations

École du Pacifique


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