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Do you want to live a more sustainable and abundant life?

Growing your own organic food is easier than it looks!

Learning how to grow, harvest, preserve and save seed can support you in becoming more food secure, resilient in unexpected circumstances and more healthy in your life!

Over the years, One Straw has developed learning opportunities to help the community become empowered in their food systems. Whether you want to save some cash, be more conscious of your food or medicine choices, share produce with your community, preserve food or make value added products, we’ve got ways to help!

We believe in learning by experience. We try to create most of our programming so that it is dynamic and hands-on.

The links below will help you find information on upcoming workshops and some great online learning resources.

For a fee, One Straw is also happy to discuss customized offerings for all ages.  We have a great selection of mentors that teach on a large variety of food related topics.

You may also choose to learn by volunteering, so check out our current volunteer opportunities for the ultimate hands-on learning experience!

Boost your skill set! Check out our upcoming learning opportunities.
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