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The sunshine coast offers an array of opportunities to grow, purchase or sell healthy local produce and value added products.

The Coast is also abundant with resources, tools and skills to share and steward.

Taking part in the local food system makes everyone healthier and richer.

Explore the links below to learn about how to find local food, learn about our local food events and find ways to promote your local food business.

Purchasing locally not only supports the local economy, it supports the local environment by decreasing transportation, packaging and refrigeration needs.

Local food can have up to 10 times higher nutrient density that imported food and it also has a longer shelf life after purchase.

Purchasing direct from your farmer can increase levels of connection and wellbeing as well as increase your say in what food is grown and available to you.

The benefits are endless!

Check out our Green Banner Local Food Directory and Map to find out where you can purchase local produce near you!

One Straw Society is in the process of creating an online food forum and resource hub.  We hope that this will support our members and local community to access and share information, resource and skills with each other in a simple and low maintenance way.

Why do we want to create an online resource sharing and food hub?

– Sharing resources can also support the health of the environment, lowering waste and increasing use and reuse of items.  It also saves time and money. 

-When we share skills, it increases our level of empowerment and decreases our reliance on external forces.

-When we share our time it supports our community to feel connected, heard and can help others to achieve things they would not otherwise achieve.

-When we share our land, we make use of a valuable resource, increase our capacity to grow food and support someone else is becoming more independent.

– When we use local food in our restaurants, it creates a closed loop in the food system and offers healthier choices for diners

Our first step is to glean information from the residents of the Sunshine Coast to find out how this can best serve you.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

If you have any questions, please contact our Manager of Programs: Sylvia White

See our map of farm gates, farmers markets and grocers that supply healthy, fresh, local food!
Check out our special events that highlight local growers and produces and of course local FOOD!
If you grow and sell local food or make value added products with local food, we would love to promote you! Please click below to find out more!
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