Volunteer with One Straw

Contribute to a Thriving Local Food System!

“The community has the knowledge!” – Rosemary Morrow

We value what you have to contribute!

There are many opportunities to share your skills, build up your CV and support the evolution of the local food system.

Whether you have specific expertise you wish to offer to a special project, you hope to gain experience in a related field or you just want to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed, we would love your help!

Volunteering can range in commitment and can include short term projects, one time events or ongoing weekly and monthly assistance.  Perhaps you have specific expertise to share in a certain area and are interested in knowledge philanthropy.

Whichever area feels like a right fit to you, One Straw is currently seeking your help!

We have a couple of specialized volunteer opportunities below or you can sign up here : http://eepurl.com/ggRNdP to be notified of opportunities.  Please also feel free to email : programs@onestraw.ca to chat more about the perfect fit for you!

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