Volunteer Coordinator

Post Date : August 14th, 2018


One Straw Society’s mission is to provide education, advocacy and community connections,

empowering people to access and engage in a local, resilient, and sustainable food system.

To us, this means:

  • People grow and produce food locally;
  • Food is accessible to consumers;
  • The food system is environmentally responsible; and
  • The Sunshine Coast has a robust food economy.

One Straw Society currently serves the Lower Sunshine Coast.

Please visit www.onestraw.ca to learn more.


Reporting to the executive director (ED), the acting Volunteer Coordinator will recruit and train new volunteers, oversee all volunteer activities and will contribute to the creation of training materials as well as policy and procedure development that relate to volunteer activities.  The Volunteer Coordinator will work on their own or with the Events coordinator to oversee volunteer appreciation events. Knowledge Philanthropists and related projects will be overseen by the Executive Director.


  • Volunteer recruitment via social and print media, special events, newsletter and website.
  • Collect volunteer applications and connecting with potential volunteers.
  • Develop training materials, policies and procedures related to volunteer activities with the Executive Director and / or policy development director.
  • Provide volunteer training.
  • Organize and execute Volunteer appreciation events.
  • Work with the Fund Development Director and Executive Director to apply for applicable grant and aid for volunteer activities.
  • Ensuring that there is diversity and equity amongst volunteers by seeking engagement with all people on the sunshine Coast including those with differing cultures, ages, gender, sexual preference and abilities.
  • Attend Strategic Planning sessions when applicable and contribute to the advancement and expansion of Volunteering by contributing your expertise.
  • Attend Board of Directors meeting and Annual General Meetings on request.


The Volunteer coordinator will have some experience positively leading, mentoring and managing others.  They will have the following skills :

  • Email, tech, and computer-savvy. Must have access to a computer, phone and internet.
  • Excellent communicator, people person.
  • Access to phone and internet on a regular basis.
  • Organized, self-motivated.
  • Experience leading a team.
  • Must be able to delegate tasks clearly and effectively.
  • Cooperative, collaborative and works well with others.
  • Experience with Word, Excel, Google Drive, or equivalent.
  • Understanding of One Straws Mission, Vision and Values.

Not required, but is an asset

  • Facilitation skills
  • Grant writing skills
  • Strong community networks
  • First aid and CPR certification.


The values and standards within which the work will be performed include the following:

  • The Society’s values and beliefs.
  • Best practices in all aspects and functions of the Society’s work.
  • All applicable legislative requirements.
  • The building of a trust enhancing workplace while demonstrating and reinforcing our values and code of conduct.
  • A culture of accountability.
  • An environment that brings out the best in people; creates an environment that fosters high performance, collaboration, innovation, diversity, learning and initiative.
  • Strong, positive and trusted relationships across internal and external stakeholder groups.


1 year to start, renewal of contract optional at the end of the term.


Dependant on projects and events with an average of 5- 10 hours per month.


We are seeking funding for this role and it is currently a volunteer position. We are a budding organization operating on a low budget and though we are not able to financially compensate this role there are many great benefits listed below. Compensation will be negotiable as the organizations capacity grows.    


  • Meet new people.
  • Get hands-on experience and employable skills coordinating and leading a team.
  • Gain experience using computer and office programs.
  • Community networking and building relationships.
  • Empower people in the community to contribute.
  • Learning first about new opportunities and events on the Coast.
  • Boost your CV & Resume and earn great references.
  • Contribute to the creation of a thriving local food system.
  • You and / or your business will be featured on our website.


  • Organizational and Volunteer orientation.
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Volunteer orientation Facilitator Training.
  • Using One Straw email.
  • Using Google Drive.
  • Using the One Straw website database.
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