Food Systems Snapshot Project

An 18 month, on-the-ground, peer research project on our local food system.


The Food Systems Snapshot project is a multi-year, community-driven research project that’s facilitating conversations, and gathering critical information to better support and plan for sustainability and growth in our local food system. Led by One Straw Society, this project is about peer to peer connections. and draws conclusions from the lived experience of our farmers and food systems actors on the ground. 

There are a lot of studies out there… a deeply researched Agricultural Area Plan, land use surveys, economic impact studies, and the StatsCan Agricultural census. None speak to the practical details of the Sunshine Coast to truly impact innovation and investment locally, but cumulatively, they’re an informed launch pad for diving deeper.

To bring innovation and investment to the Coast
to support our local farmers and food system,
we need timely and context-specific data to measure and reflect back on impacts.

The Food Systems Snapshot will help our community by:

  • Providing baseline data from which to work and measure future initiatives 
  • Bridging the gap between local production and emergency food
  • Providing insight into how we can combat food waste at every stage from field to plate. 
  • Highlighting the important, lived experiences of our local food producers
  • Showcasing business opportunities that have the potential to contribute to overall increases in food security.


Apart from data for data’s sake, this project is about building connections. It’s getting us talking, learning from and teaching each other, and facing the same direction as we plan for and take actions in building our sustainable and resilient food system into the future.

Opportunities to get involved

Paid Opportunity: Join a growing team of peer farmer interviewers to have conversations with other farmers. Contact project lead Chris Hergesheimer for more info. 

Supported by the Real Estate Foundation of BC.

Project Details

Compounding on the 2021 Agricultural Census and the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s Agricultural Area Plan, One Straw Society is leading a project to gather this critical, missing data on what we produce, where we produce it, how much, who buys and eats it, barriers to change or producing more, and how that compares to previous and future years in our region and others. 

It’s difficult – if not impossible – to measure any impact our activities may have on the food system overall without relevant and context specific data. We need data for funding to help improve food security on the Coast. The information will be gathered from peer-to-peer, farmer-to-farmer, interviews and will be mainly qualitative over quantitative data.

Get involved & Learn more

To get involved in the project or learn more, contact Chris Hergesheimer at
To view past research that the Food Systems Snapshot is building from, see here: We Envision, Ag Plan.

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