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The sunshine coast offers an array of opportunities to grow, purchase or sell healthy local food.

Taking part in the local food system makes everyone healthier and richer.

  • Purchasing locally not only supports the local economy, it supports the local environment by decreasing transportation, packaging and refrigeration needs.
  • Local food can have up to 10 times higher nutrient density that imported food and it also has a longer shelf life after purchase.
  • Purchasing direct from your farmer can increase levels of connection and wellbeing as well as increase your say in what food is grown and available to you.

The benefits are endless!

Foodbox Program

A bunch of local farms, with support from One Straw Society and Persephone Brewing, are working on a food program that supports our you, farmers, and our community.

Sunshine Coast Farm & Local Food Map

The Sunshine Coast boasts multiple farmer’s markets, farm stands, health food stores, garden centres, community kitchens, free food resources, and more! We’ve put it all together in one handy digital map.

Farmers Markets

All along the Sunshine Coast, farmers markets are bustling. You can shop local, winter or summer, rain or shine. Meet a variety of amazing local food producers and makers, as well as fill your kitchen with fresh goodies.

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