Salmon Project

Canning & Reconciliation

Led by Shíshálh Nation elders, this project brings community together in the kitchen, in a series of hands-on work days to learn, share, connect, and safely preserve the annual Salmon bounty.

These precious, intimate days in the kitchen together are about story-telling, connecting to the local and sacred traditions of calling the salmon home, and giving gratitude. They’re about reconciliation – gently building relationships, bridges and mutual respect, growing to a place where we not only see each other, but truly honour what each is bringing to the table. In this case, quite literally the kitchen table.

Led by two generations of elders, Kwa’tle’maht Holly Ann Higgins and Xwu’p’a’lich Barb Higgins, the Salmon Project is a series of hands-on days in the kitchen, learning, canning the salmon bounty, chopping, and chatting, reminiscent of the village days gone by. Passing the knowledge from generation to generation, we learn to pressure can proteins safely, the differences between varieties of salmon, and the traditions of the local land, waters and people.

We have the honour of hearing stories of revered memory-keeper, author, and respected elder, Xwu’p’a’lich Barb Higgins, who shares stories from decades and generations past. We can almost smell the sweet, fire-smoked fish on the salty beaches of these tales.

Our next events

Thank you to everyone who contributed and attended the wonderful January 2023 gatherings. If our waters stay healthy and continue to flow, sockeye will be returning home to our creeks and rivers in August and September. Stay tuned for the next series to preserve the harvest.

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This project is made possible by the support of hundreds of people in our community who are members of and give to the cooperative of the Sunshine Coast Credit Union, which supports this and many other important projects in our communities. Also supported by Roberts Creek Community Association, with the donation of their amazing new commercial kitchen!

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