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Our forests feed us.

Sunshine Coast back country is some of the most beautiful in the world. To us, they are a playground, a temple, a museum, and a safe haven to connect, heal, play, reflect, forage, and explore.

Through a bigger lens, these forests build and nurture soil fertility and stability, nutrient cycling, biodiversity, and sensitive fungi. They also protect our watersheds, serving as natural filters and regulators of water flow, and provide rich and protective wildlife habitat.

These mountains and forests are life.

But illegal dumping is causing serious damage.

Along many forest service roads and trails, dumping of appliances, furniture, household garbage, and construction waste is damaging delicate ecosystems, disrupting wildlife habitats, and compromising soil and water quality. It’s also posing significant risks to our communities and health, through increased fire hazards, leaching of toxic pollutants, and the risks of exposure to sharps, rust and bacteria while out on our trails.

RAPP Line to report all poachers & polluters: 1-877-952-7277

It's time to clean house.

With the support of other local businesses – like yours – we are trying to make a difference. With grants and your donations…

1. We map out dump sites reported to the RAPP line with BC Conservation Officers.
2. We coordinate time, logistics, equipment, and labour.
3. We haul trucks and container bins up forest roads.
4. Either we clean, haul, sort, and dump or recycle the waste; or you coordinate a team of volunteers to do the same, and we’ll provide you with a bin, and haul it for you.

With the help of BC Conservation Officers,
we’re installing warning signs
and cameras
to help deter, catch, and prosecute polluters.

Dump Fees are being covered by the Good Samaritan Program by the SCRD.
For more info or to get involved:

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