The People

We’re a bunch of passionate people brought together by a shared vision for a sustainable future, working to make our communities more resilient, food secure, and connected.

We are you. We actively connect people, ideas, and resources, explore your insights and experiences, and create projects where community takes the lead. Many of us are here because we were community members that saw a barrier or had an idea, and One Straw Society acted as our incubator to put it into action. Pleased to meet you!

Happy people of all ages working in a farm setting

Our values

Caring for the Earth, People and the Future

Positive Transition

Right to Livelihood

Leadership & Our Team

Leadership comes from all sides, not just from the top – everyone has a voice, and together we create beautiful things.

In alphabetical order…

Alisha M'Lot

Education & Volunteer Coordinator


Alix Hopfengaertner

Designer & Website Manager


Barbara Xwu’p’a’lich Higgins

Knowledge Keeper; Lead, Traditional Foods & Lands

Caitlin Allenby

Programs & Events


Casandra Fletcher

Executive Director;
Grants & Development


Chris Hergesheimer

Manager, Integrated Food Systems & Policy


Danielle Walters

All the things.


Geordie Kennedy

Market Garden Coordinator (One Tiny Farm)


Hollyann Kwa'tle'maht Higgins

Leader, Traditional Foods; Salmon Project


Kate McLaughlin

Finance Manager


Katy Latham

Greenhouse Coordinator; Facilitator


Mary Boulding

Herbalist, Medicinal Plant Team Lead


Ola Kiermacz

Videography; Social Media/Video Content


Sarita Moodie

Garden Design, Medicinal Plant Team


Solomon Morton

Driver/Delivery & Logistics Support

Zan Romeder

Membership Coordinator; Admin Support

Our Board of Directors

Our board is a Policy Governance Board, accountable to the community’s voices, needs and priorities, and translating those into a vision and outcomes for the organization. Our board is not involved in day to day operations or decision-making, rather, focusing on mission, bylaws, policy, purpose and limitations that guide our teams on the ground. They are dedicated, big-thinkers, and here to hear.

Caroline Plant


Collaborative family and estate lawyer, peace circle facilitator and legal mediator; lover of local food, horses, and animals


John Byrnes

Vice Chair

President of the Sechelt Farmers’ Market & on the board of BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, John is also a local farmer, entrepreneur, sourdough baker, and father of six.


Ian Hunt


Technology professional, local entrepreneur with 10+ years’ experience owning and operating a local retail health food business; foodie and avid hiker in our local, abundant forests.


Asha Wareham


Undergraduate of UBC’s Land and Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture. Born and raised on the Coast, Asha began as a youth intern at One Straw.


Meghan Molnar

Public Health Dietitian with 10+ years of working with various community organizations facing the unique strengths and challenges of living and thriving on the Coast. Passion for local, delicious food.


Conner Wear

BSc in the faculty of Land & Food Systems @ UBC, international NGO work, practices real estate, commercial and corporate law, and provides governance and organizational consultations. Runs a small local farm here on the Coast.


Laura Wilson

Practicing lawyer specializing in legal research and writing, governance, bylaws and policy development and analysis. Laura’s a foodie, strong advocate of local food and community resiliency, and a home gardener.

Join our Team

Looking for meaningful and ethical work?
We're excited to get to know you!

We’re often looking for:

  • People with a passion… visionaries, creators, and people with ideas for ways to solve issues or make our communities healthier, more connected, more resilient, and more ecologically sound. A degree is usually not relevant.
  • People for support and resource roles to help our work overall in a busy, growing, creative environment (admin, HR, design, events, fundraising, etc.)
  • Knowledge Philanthropists – people with skills and experience to lead projects long-term, or lead on-the-ground projects and events (ie. grant-writing, I.T., building stuff).
  • Summer students / youth staff for seasonal work (May – September).

We’re looking for passionate people from diverse backgrounds, whose unique skills and experiences contribute to our common goals. We value unique differences to ensure that our team members are supported to thrive. To build a strong, diverse and representative workforce, we strongly encourage applications from BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+ people, immigrants, and people with disabilities or other marginalized communities. You are welcome here… Join us!

Apply here.

Members guide where we're going and how

By joining us as a member you’re being the change you want to see in the world. You get perks such as local discounts and resources, and you get to contribute your valuable voice to our vision.

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