It’s not known how much of the food eaten on the Sunshine Coast is actually grown here, but estimates are less than 1-2%, significantly below the provincial average of around 48%. That means 98% (or more) is shipped in from across the globe in a food chain that is increasingly vulnerable.

Even with so many organizations, committees and businesses committed to sustainability and the food system over the past 20 years, local food security has not improved. In fact, we presume, but do not have concise data to prove that it has actually gotten worse.

Research measures how much our projects and investments impact the food system. It’s the framework upon which all plans, policy and initiatives may be built, and it pulls together the evidence from which we can all determine our future success.


The Food Systems Snapshot


An on-the-ground, peer research project on our local food system, in collaboration with a dozen local organizations and experts. The project features and draws conclusions from the lived experience of farmers and food systems actors on the ground. It’s about what, where, and how much we produce, barriers, and how it compares to previous and future years in our region and others. Supported by the Real Estate Foundation of BC.

2021-23 Snapshot (Top 20 Report) >

2021-23 Snapshot (Farmer Data Report) >

Formal feedback: Impacts of Proposed Bylaws 580 and 722 on the Food System of the Sunshine Coast


The District of Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast Regional District are both seeking public engagement regarding Bylaws 580 and 722 respectively. While broad reaching and covering many issues related to land use, these bylaws have proposed changes to agriculture and food system allowances and thus have notable implications for food systems development locally.

Read our formal feedback for the SCRD >

Read our formal feedback for the District of Sechelt >

Review of the SCRD Agricultural Area Plan


A third-party review of the region’s Agricultural Area Plan (AAP) seven years after it was created. It’s a look at how far we’ve come, what’s still relevant, what’s not, and what new actions should be considered. 

The review proposes revised strategic goals, each connecting to the original AAP strategic priorities, as well as to the principles of local, national and international documents and calls to action for strengthening sustainable food systems. Contracted by the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Organization.

2022 Ag Plan Review  (summary) >

2022 Ag Plan Review  (full report) >

Ag Plan 2014 (Original) >

VCH CFAI-funded Food Security Organizations during the COVID-19 Pandemic


An examination of the experiences of community food security groups as they responded to the programming challenges brought on by the pandemic. This report highlights the successes and innovations, the challenges and struggles and finishes off with possible policy directions to support community groups doing food systems and security work in their respective regions

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Policy & publications

2021 Sunshine Coast Food Charter

A Food Charter compiles our shared values and vision of a strong and resilient food system, bringing organizations and local governments facing the same direction. Food Charters are good launch points for future projects, funding, advocacy, and public policy. In partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, and endorsed by over a dozen organizations and local governments.

Read the Charter >

Food Systems Think Tank

Collaboration makes anything possible by expanding and sharing our resources, time, and reach to make a more profound impact in our communities. The Team includes over a dozen non-profit, business and community leaders who support shared research and information, and who imagine and build food systems initiatives together.

Learn More >

Community Food Security: Covid, Policy & Initiatives

A look at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on food security, the role of small non-profits in addressing food insecurity, the movement to emergency food services, and ways to build the capacity of small organizations funded by the Ministry of Health’s Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI). Collaboration with Vancouver Coastal Health.

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