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Calling all Vendors for Seeds of March

It’s that time of year again! Seeds of March is back! Seeds of March is a community collaboration of spring events focused on sustainable gardens, farms, and food system here on the Coast. It includes our 28th annual beloved Seedy Saturday Market, and so much more, including the Seed Exchange run by the Sunshine Coast […]

2023 Tiny Farm Big Table Dinners

September 14, 2023 This summer, 120 lucky guests gathered at our sold out, farm-to-table dinners of the summer, and  beautiful, delicious, and nurturing nights they were! 🌙✨ With candlelight, and under the early stars, we embarked on a culinary journey crafted by seven talented local chefs at each dinner, who created a beautiful balance of [...]

What does local food have to do with climate action, anyway?

Sept 2023 We were approached by a young local family who are passionate about Climate Action, and conversation swirled… What exactly does the work of “local food” and local farms have to do with Climate Action, anyway? We’re so used to convenience… whatever we want whenever we want it. We’re used to grocery stores stocked […]

Meet Jesse, the new Sechelt Streetside Garden Coordinator

Hello from the Streetside! I’m Jesse Frank the new coordinator of the Streetside Garden Program.  I’ve studied permaculture design, organic gardening, regenerative farming, indigenous food systems, let’s just say I love to have my hands in the dirt. I am passionate about reimagining the future, protecting the lands and waters, and building healthy communities. This […]

Food Banks are trapped in a never-ending cycle of solicit, collect and distribute with no end in sight. 

Sept 4, 2023 While the price of food in rises in our communities and monthly food bank visits are reaching new highs, national and provincial research shows that less than 30% of people facing some degree of food insecurity access food banks. The other 70% don’t. So, 1.3 million visits yearly across the country, hundreds […]

Local Foodbox Program 2022, food prices & global inflation

Oct 30, 2022 This summer, we packed up almost 2,000 boxes of food at One Tiny Farm in Roberts Creek, from ten different local farms, and booted around in our cute Tiny Truck to pickup hubs in Gibsons, Sechelt, and Halfmoon Bay. It was amazing overall, especially considering the huge growth again this year, but there’s […]

A letter to our new Government officials on the Coast

Nov 3, 2022 To our local directors of the SCRD, and to the new mayors of Sechelt and Gibsons, This is a joint letter from Sunshine Coast Community Services Society and One Straw Society, as active organizations involved with food security and food systems development on the Sunshine Coast. We are dedicated to nurturing the […]

September 2022 update

This summer, I met with ten local farmers and left many fighting a lump in my throat. More than half are talking about getting out of farming. Fires, floods, wars, broken supply chains, pandemics, trade agreements, and inflation all threaten local, healthy and sustainable food. Gas prices have meant they think twice about starting up […]

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