2023 Tiny Farm Big Table Dinners

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September 14, 2023

This summer, 120 lucky guests gathered at our sold out, farm-to-table dinners of the summer, and  beautiful, delicious, and nurturing nights they were! 🌙✨ With candlelight, and under the early stars, we embarked on a culinary journey crafted by seven talented local chefs at each dinner, who created a beautiful balance of sweet, salt, texture, cream, umami, and char.

Beyond the delectable dishes and the joyful ambiance, this event was a heartfelt effort to raise funds for vital Food Security projects. From community gardens to shared skills and tools, and providing nourishment for the most vulnerable among us, every bite was a step towards a stronger, more resilient community.

You know how at our core, outside the filters and the picture frames, we’re all just deeply craving a human sense of belonging and community? These are the folks that took leaps and stepped up with our crew this past month to make some magic together. Wow – we are filled with immense gratitude for this amazing community.

Here’s to you, our partners, our friends, our neighbours, and volunteers who helped create these beautiful events and raise funds to feed the Coast.

The stars:

  • Chef Minh – The Good Loaf
  • Chef Anthony – La Bettolina
  • Chef Nicole – Gourmet Girl
  • Chef Michelle – Mamma Musey’s Perogies
  • Chef TK – TK’s Turkish Gourmet Cuisine
  • Chef Kei + Chef Jesse- The Bay Pizza
  • Chef Jody – Lunitas Mexican Eatery
  • Chef Mira – Little Spoon Ice cream
  • Chef Jack- Brassica
  • Chef Liat- Healthy hOMe
  • Chef Georgia + Dylan- Raintree Lane Retreat
  • Chef Hilary- Brassica
  • Chef Tia- Wok in the Woods
  • Chef Roksy- Run with Soup
  • Chef Nadia- PicassoLoaf

A special thank you to those integral pieces that contributed to the wonderful atmosphere:

  • Persephone Brewing’s effervescent brews
  • Lighthouse Liquor’s finest libations
  • Jen + Brian Photo & Film and Coast Photography’s keen artistic vision
  • Tipsy Beverage Co.’s charming mobile bar trailer
  • Ola Kiermacz’s skillful videography
  • Them Ordinary Things, Pat Connelly, and Minor Gold for their sweet melodies
  • Joe for providing the tunes
  • Ian for his technical and audio expertise
  • Zan for hosting with a warm heart
  • Linda for her helping hands
  • And to Sarah, Chris, Emma, Janet, and all those who jumped in to lend their support!
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