Grow. Forage. Build. Preserve. Share. Eat. Connect.

We’re a registered Canadian Charity, building a strong, resilient, sustainable food system that feeds us today and 7 generations from today.

The One Straw mission

We aim to provide education, skill-building, advocacy and community connections.  We empower people to access and engage in a local, resilient, and sustainable food system.


Support people to grow and produce food locally


Protect and regenerate the environment


Make healthy local food accessible


Help build a robust local food economy

We build community & resilient food systems

Through programs, workshops, research, advocacy, community spaces and events, we bring people together to pass on valuable skills, share knowledge & resources, and celebrate our human connections around food.

What we're up to

Find local food, meet local growers & see what the Coast has to offer!

Community gardens

Our public farms and gardens connect community to food-growing green spaces for learning, growing, eating, events, daycamps, and more.


Year-round learning: hands-on workshops, online zoom talks, farm tours, show & tell, retreats, lectures, volunteer/mentor opportunities, and more.

Sunshine Coast Tool Library

Community-owned, shared equipment and tools for farming, gardening, food preservation, building, and creating.

Local Foodbox (CSA)

A multi-farm cooperative weekly CSA produce box that supports you, local farms, our earth, and our community’s food resiliency. 

Farm-to-table dinners

7 chefs, 7 courses. Long table fine dining in the heart of the gardens, showcasing local farms & creators. A fundraiser for this passionate work in our communities.

Sunshine Coast Farm & Local Food Map

A handy digital map of farmer’s markets, farm stands, garden centres, community kitchens, and other food resources.

Food equity (Support)

We build equal access into all our programs – dignified, inclusive access to subsidized or free learning opportunities & food programs. Contact us for more details about programs of interest. 

Sunshine Coast Food Charter

Our shared vision of the elements of strong and resilient food systems when it comes to projects, policies and action.

Research & policy

The basis of food systems work comes from understanding where we’re at, why, and the impact of policy, land use bylaws, and impact projects.

Soup Stories

Winter event series connecting generations in the kitchen, providing stigma-free food, and connecting people to solve the world’s problems

Seedy Saturday

The Seeds of March is a whole month of Seedy Saturdays: seed exchanges, markets, plants,  workshops, gathering, food, & sustainability


Project Waterbox

Drought Crisis: A partnership of land owners with wells and water, trucks to transport it, and the gardens & crops that need it.

Kids programs

Kids are our future food producers. With our partners, Roberts Creek Childcare Society, we built and host a children’s garden for preschool, after-school, and daycamp programs. A “Seed to Jam Sandwiches” garden.


Regional Food Systems Think Tank

Peer network and collaboration with 30+ local organizations and experts to maximize reach, capacity & impact of food systems work


The Salmon Project

Indigenous and elder-led salmon canning project: pressure canning, skill-building, story-telling, connection and reconciliation in the kitchen.

People hanging out together in a kitchen, laughing

The Kitchen

Coming soon

We’re building a “Creation Station” space where we – and you – can get creative in the Kitchen.

Join us for the 28th Annual Seedy Saturday and seed exchange

It’s that time of the year again when our community comes together to celebrate the beauty of gardening and the power and joy of sharing seeds. For nearly three decades, Seedy Saturday has been a cherished tradition, connecting gardeners old and new in a celebration of growth, biodiversity, and community.

Sign up for the 2024 Sunshine Coast Local Foodbox Program

The Local Foodbox Program is, at its core, a collaborative CSA – Community Supported Agriculture. You invest now in our local farms that are growing some of the most beautiful, ethical and nutritious food in the world. Then, this summer, you get the rewards – A fresh box of produce every week, all summer long.

Collage of farmers smiling and working

Meet The Kitchen

We’re building a “Creation Station” space where we – and you – can get creative in the Kitchen. More than just a community kitchen, this opens up to the gardens, creating an indoor-outdoor flow for learning, groups, events, and projects.

With unique equipment like a stone grain mill, commercial freeze dryer, pressure canners, vacuum sealer and tin canning machine, not only can we preserve food when it’s bountiful, but we can preserve it creatively, learn in the process, empower new food projects and small business startups, and share this food with people in our communities who need it.

Digital rendering of a cute building, and people cooking together

Get involved

Anyone can become a member. You get perks such as local discounts and resources, and you get to be a part of building a resilient Sunshine Coast.

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