Regional Food Systems Action Team

Peer-collaboration with a dozen local organizations and experts.


The Food Systems Action Team is made up of organizational, non-profit, business and community leaders who imagine and develop food systems initiatives on the Coast. This committee is project focused, meeting regularly and striving to create and support collaborative initiatives that map onto one or more of six strategic goals.

Our Strategic Goals

Increase of capacity to produce more food locally and support efforts to help existing and new start up farms at a commercial scale

Improve the financial viability of the food and agriculture sector

People are empowered to make healthy and sustainable food choices

Everyone has access to healthy, culturally diverse and affordable food

A healthy food system is consistent with ecological health

Identify opportunities for meeting objectives through shared efforts

Committee members

wheatberries and community futures

Get involved & Learn more

To get involved in the Food Systems Action Team or learn more, contact Chris Hergesheimer at