Soup Stories

Event Series

Soup stories is an event series focused around community, breaking bread and slurping soup while solving the worlds problems, or at least chatting about them.

Each Soup Stories event centres around a homemade soup made and shared by the Elders in our community with a few young’uns helping to prepare it. Not only are skills shared, but so are the stories of the soup and the person making it, while in the comfort of the kitchen, stirring the big wooden spoon over the giant pot.

The Soup is made in the afternoons as a small group, and then we invite you to come and join us to enjoy this labour of love. Soup’s on (by donation) as a “Food for Thought” exchange, where we invite the community to ladle up, and share thoughts about key issues that affect our communities. Our hope is to take and use this community feedback for future project planning, reconnect after all this social isolation, support neighbour to neighbour community building, value the role of our seniors, and to get people talking about what matters in their communities.

Our next events

Thank you to everyone who contributed and attended the wonderful 2022 Soup Stories gatherings.

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Would you like to make a soup?