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Soup stories is a winter event series, with elders mentoring youth in the kitchen, and serving soup in a food-for-thought exchange. We're sharing skills, stories, memories, and nutritious food where everyone belongs.

How does it work?
Soup is made in the afternoons as a small group, led by a local elder, and then served to the community (by donation) in a “Food for Thought” exchange, where community gets together to share questions, thoughts & ideas about key issues that affect our communities.

We are at community halls and kitchens up and down the Sunshine Coast, or on the sides of community events where people are already gathered.

What’s the Point?
A step outside the “Soup Kitchen” model, food is available to everyone and no one knows who paid what, creating an inclusive and dignified way of feeding community without stigma. We recognize the value of diversity at the table – people of different ages and from different backgrounds breaking bread together to solve the world’s problems.

We’re also connecting generations and valuing the role and knowledge of our elders, supporting neighbour to neighbour community building, and the transfer of stories and knowledge from generation to generation.

Feedback and ideas feed into our strategic plan, often leading to the launch of new projects and programs!

Our next events

Soup Stories has ended for the season. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for updates on future Soup Stories events!

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By volunteering with us you are contributing to food security on the coast, and ensuring we can continue to do good work in the community!

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