The Sunshine Coast Tool Library

We’re excited to be launching the Sunshine Coast Tool Library, full of equipment and tools for farming, gardening, food preservation, building, and creating.

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The Sunshine Coast Tool Library is being launched with support from the United Way and Vancouver Coastal Health to kick-start buying specialized farm & food preservation tools & equipment! We are very excited about this project! It’s been a long-time coming, and will save all of us time and money, help people grow more food, preserve bounty when it’s ready for harvest, and build the resiliency of our little communities

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What is a tool library?

Part of a broader tool sharing movement, the tool library will offer community access to tools, including ones that are too large for storing privately, only rarely used, or costly to purchase

What's the benefit?

By sharing tools, we reduce cost-related barriers to farming, food preservation and empower folks in their sustainability endeavours. We encourage community sharing, reducing our environmental impact and reducing waste. Plus, you don’t have to store these items yourself, while still being able to use them!

How does it work?

We’re still ironing out the nitty gritty of exactly how the tool library will work, but generally by joining as a member of the tool library, you will be able to lend out tools for a set amount of time. We take care of the maintenance, storage, and can share tips on how to use the items!

How can I join?

Stay tuned! Membership will open up later this year. Become a member of One Straw Society or follow us on Instagram & Facebook to get updates.

We are looking for folks who want to get involved!

Are you a putterer with time and skills to contribute? Do you own food or farming equipment you would like to pass on to us? (You still get to use it!) Do you know how to fix and do tool maintenance? We want to hear from you.

The Details

Our focus is on farm/garden and food preservation at first, but as word spreads, the library will grow to include the every-day basics.

One Straw will manage and cover the bulk of the expenses, coordination, admin, and the facility, made possible through grants and donations from our community. We’re ready to welcome volunteers to be a part of the planning and various pieces of the puzzle to get our first ever Tool Library rolling by fall, 2022!

The Focus

At first, our focus is on increasing food production locally, minimizing food waste, and providing equal access to otherwise unaffordable tools for community members. The Tool Library pairs with ongoing workshops to teach safety, nutrition, and use. In this rural, under-resourced area, a Tool Library will be empowering in many ways, with many opportunities for partnerships (public libraries, the “Repair Cafe”, etc.), tool donations, learning, and volunteering.

We just completed construction on the first small storage building for Phase 1 of the Tool Library – the Tiny Barn at One Tiny Farm

Stage 1 (Done)

Overview, plan, secure startup funding, secure/build a facility

Stage 2 (Currently)

Gather: wish list from community members, donated tools, & a volunteer team

Stage 3 (Fall 2022)

Build admin infrastructure – sign out systems, online inventory, website, resources, repair and maintenance plans and teams

Stage 4 (Fall 2022)

Stock it and open the door!

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To share your ideas, tools, or time, fill out our form.