Building a space, community & future that's sustainable and inclusive, where sharing, skill-building, & resourcefulness thrive.

The Tool Library offers a diverse collection of tools that help to increase our community’s food security, ranging from basic hand tools to specialized equipment for growing, harvesting, and processing food. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, homesteader, farmer, non-profit, school, or ecologically conscious small business, our Tool Library is here for you!

Made possible by gifts of time, funds, and tools from dozens of community members just like you, and these key supporters…

What's a tool library?

Part of a broader tool sharing movement, the Sunshine Coast Tool Library acts just like your local library, only lending tools rather than books. Tools are donated by people like you or bought with donations or grants, and are made available to everyone to share, run by organizations just like ours – they’re popping up all over North America!

What's the benefit?

By sharing tools, we reduce cost barriers to growing, preserving and accessing food, and empower folks in their creative and sustainability endeavours. We’re reducing our environmental impact, reducing waste, empowering skill-building, and you don’t need to buy or store big or expensive tools – but you still get to use them!

How does it work?

Sign up here. Then, browse our inventory for the tools and equipment that interests you – you can do this online or simply stop by in person. Reserve your tools, and pick them up using our self check-out. Get those projects done, and return your tools with the self check-in, or renew online for a bit more time. 

What's the fine print?

Membership is $39 per year. Borrow up to 10 tools at a time. 24/7 access. Most tools have a loan period of up to 1 week. $ Contributions are encouraged with each use to keep member fees low, cover maintenance, & grow the library. Tools must be returned clean and ready for the next member. Late fees are high.

illustration of farm tools

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our Tool Library community! Before you can start borrowing all those amazing tools, sign up online, pay your annual fee, and sign your Agreement. Then, come to a 30-minute Orientation (Bring photo ID) to learn how it all works. 

We’ll show you how to access the tool library with your code, use the kiosk to sign equipment in and out, use the tap machine to contribute to your tools, how items are organized, coding, etc.

Follow us on social media to hear when we have drop-in orientation days.


The Focus

At first, our focus is on increasing food production locally, minimizing food waste, and providing equal access to otherwise unaffordable tools for community members. Over time, as tools are donated and the inventory grows, tools will become available for almost any project you can dream up!

The Tool Library pairs with workshops to teach safety, nutrition, techniques, and skills. Food security does not exist without food justice, and so accessibility is our number one priority at the Tool Library. For this reason, our annual membership is as low as possible, and most items are free to borrow with the trust that people will pay what they are able, or donate to the Tool Library as a whole, simply to support this resource in our community.

Your involvement and donations are critical.

Cash donations support expanding and upgrading the tool library and its equipment, operations, insurance, security, and tool maintenance.

Tool Donations clear out your garage, but but you still get to use them! Tools should be good quality, clean, and in good working order to meet the high use of the Tool Library and the safety of its members. (We don’t have a budget for donation repairs or dump fees.)

Volunteers can tinker, putter, fix, build, organize, and teach others!

Here’s how you can get in touch to donate or volunteer!

Email us >

604.493.2252  ext. #700

Donations with tax receipts can be made here.

Find us

The Sunshine Coast Tool Library is located in the red barn at One Tiny Farm. It’s in the centre of Roberts Creek’s village, located behind the Gumboot restaurant.

3140 Beach Avenue, or via the Gumboot parking lot

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