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Enjoy the sweet taste of local food

Have you ever had a tomato that’s still warm from the sun? Or farm-fresh eggs?

If you’ve experienced the unique deliciousness of locally-grown organic food, then you already know what we mean.

If you haven’t, we are genuinely excited for you to experience this. Seriously.

Organic food from the grocery store, while awesome, is often mass-produced and lacks the full flavour and nutrient density of food produced in rich soil. Organic standards also can be inconsistent from place to place.

When you buy local, you’re:

  • Creating a vibrant local economy
  • Lowering your global footprint
  • Supporting environmental stewardship and sustainable land practices
  • Building relationships within the community
  • Helping parents support their families

That being said, it can be confusing to understand where to buy. That’s why we created the Green Banner, an easy guide to local and organic food on the Sunshine Coast.

Connecting to affordable organic food might be easier than you think.

Farmers put lots of love and hard work into what they do, and are usually excited to talk about their produce or give preparation tips.

The Sunshine Coast boasts multiple farmer’s markets, farm stands, health food stores, and even online veggie ordering! As a result, the bounty of fresh food available most of the year is impressive.

Print or download our guide, and use it to keep your food delicious and healthy year-round!


In addition to the Green Banner, Vancouver Coastal Health’s Public Health staff with help from One Straw Society have developed a simple resource that allows members of our community to find current food assets anywhere between Pender Harbour and Port Mellon.

What is a Food Asset you might ask? Food assets are places where people can grow, prepare, share, buy, receive or learn about food. Community organizations and schools are included because they are places where community members can get support with learning and health or connect with others in their community.

The online map provides an easy to use tool on nearly any device and is updated regularly.


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