Friends of One Straw

Connect to Your Community

It takes a huge network to support a thriving community.

We can’t do it alone!

That’s why we want to highlight other organizations on the Sunshine Coast who are dedicated to building thriving communities.

Check out what they have to offer:

Sunshine Coast Seed Collective

The Sunshine Coast Seed Saving Collective (SCSSC) was founded by citizens of the Sunshine Coast who wanted to create food security, learn to complete plant cycles, and reconnect the communities of the coast to the heritage of our food ecology. Originated by Robin Wheeler and Denise Lagasse, it is now run by a committed group of volunteers. The SCSSC holds seed saving workshops for advanced and beginners, records seed varieties being saved across the Sunshine Coast, and has implemented several seed libraries along the Coast.

The SCSSC works closely with One Straw in hosting the seed exchange at Seedy Saturday.  

Sunshine Coast Seed Saving Collective

Coast Canning Collective

The Coast Canning Collective’s ambition is to engage the Sunshine Coast in a collective, intensely local, small-batch canning enterprise that will inspire people to slow down and savour the seasons. 

They would love to hear from you.  If you are a food-lover or food-grower, if you like canning or want to learn how, if you are a local food advocate or want to support social enterprise, this is a great time to contact us.  Tell us what you are interested in and what the collective can do you for.

Coast Canning Collective


Gaiacraft is a vessel for ecological outreach education. Using new media strategies it is intended to generate awareness and inspire dialogues about how to have regenerative relationships with ourselves, each other and the living ecologies around us.

Gaiacraft offers accessible Permaculture education on the Sunshine Coast.  They offer free introductory courses and a low cost Permaculture Design Certificate Courses.



Share-There is a new way to connect with your friends… for real. Set-up your own private ride sharing network with the people you already know and trust. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also connect with someone new.  

One Straw loves using Share There to promote ridesharing and carpooling to their events.

Share There

Sunshine Coast Fibreshed

BC’s Sunshine Coast Fibreshed seeks to build an interactive relationship among skilled fibre artisans, spinners, dyers, and fibre suppliers along the 100 miles of coastline from Langdale to Lund (including Gambier, Keats, Nelson, Savary, Texada, and Thormanby islands).

The Fibreshed’s mission is to help change the way we think about how we clothe ourselves by supporting our local fibre culture. They seek to enhance ecological balance by using regional agriculture for our fibres, practising sustainable wild crafting, and growing and gathering our own dye plants, thus strengthening our local economy and supporting local artisans.  We presently allow fibre from sources within British Columbia until our local Fibreshed can supply our needs.


Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project

The goal of the Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project is to take action to conserve, restore and enhance wildlife habitat and implement on-the-ground threat abatement measures to ensure the survival of species at risk.

Sunshine Coast Wildlife Society